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A collection of all my Titanic essays and research, which started in the mid 1990s and has been on-going and updated ever since...

Titanic In 366 Days

Updated May 15th, 2023/font>

I am proud to host the work of New Zealand Titanic researcher Graeme Jupp, who has created an 849 page document, "Titanic in 366 Days", a lavish and detailed work describing many of the key dates in the history of the Titanic and her sisters, and also encompassing the White Star Line and Harland and Wolff.

Please note that the file size is 175 MB and may take a minute or two to download; you may wish to right-click the link and save it locally to your own hard drive. Please click here, or the thumbnail to the left to view this exemplary work.

Guest Essays

Essays and research compiled and written by friends who have allowed inclusion on this site:

The Titanic Global Database Project


Titanic documentary reviews and movie goofs...

The Lord-Macquitty Collection

The death of Walter Lord in 2002 deprived the Titanic community of its greatest, and possibly its best loved author. In over five decades he had amassed an enormous resource of interviews, letters, newspapers, paraphernalia, many of them rare and unique. Fortunately, Lord had bequeathed his collection to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, and it now encompasses other Titanic related items of his friend, Bill Macquitty, who had seen the ship launched, and then, as Arthur C. Clarke once said "sank her again a second time" for the 1958 film adaptation of his friend's book, "A Night To Remember." Now, these files and items which helped to generate "A Night To Remember" and "The Night Lives On" are indexed and open for perusal in their museum's Caird Library ... at least for those of us for whom a trip to Greenwich is no problem. But what about the rest of us? Very few seem to have seen his private files, and it is the opinion of this author that the priceless information should be available to everyone, free. Hence, the purpose of this section: a transcription of Lord's, and Macquitty's, notes and letters. Although fasincating, the usual caveat should apply, viz. that the information given contemporaneously in 1912 should be regarded as more accurate than tainted or faded recollections more than 40 years after the event. Still, this does not necessarily mean that the information contained in these documents should be dismissed! They also show how some survivors were less than candid and open in their recollections, and, in a few cases, how Lord himself missed golden opportunities to further his knowledge (see his correspondence with Sylvia Lightoller and Eleanor Cassebeer as examples), and how Lord was taken in by opportunistic hoaxers (eg Walter Belford and Charles Reginald Burgess, who had a very similar name to a real survivor).

More accounts to come soon....

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Other resources

  1. The Titanic-Californian debate gets quite heated, and often results in insults and personal attacks being tossed back and forth (witness Senan Molony's postings on the Encyclopedia-Titanica message board). Their tactics are obvious - avoid discussions of the case, describe dissenters and their work as "trash" with no justification, besmirch their reputation (and what has that got to do with the quality of their research or conclusions?), refuse to admit when they are wrong, or launch legal action to get skeptic's works suppressed. Heres a good example, courtesy of Mr.Rob Kamps from the Netherlands.
  2. Bill Wormstedt's excellent Titanic pages including George Behe's pages
  3. Mark Chirnside's pages
  4. All At Sea With Dave Gittins - (His pages seem to be down at the moment, please use this archived copy.)
  5. Dave Billnitzer's pages on the Titanic-Californian controversy. Well worth reading. (His page seems to be down at the moment; please click here to see an archived version)
  6. Sam Halpern's excellent Titanicology
  7. The late Roy Mengot's Titanic Wreck and modelling pages
  8. Parks Stephenson's pages on the Titanic. (The page is down at present; an archived versions can be found on The Wayback Machine)
  9. The invaluable Titanic Inquiry Project
  10. The Titanic News Channel
  11. The Titanic Research And Modelling Assocation - the site seems to be down at the moment; please click here to see the latest archived version)
  12. Dan Parkes' William Murdoch website.
  13. Gunter Babler's and Susanne Stormer's Titanic Files page.
  14. Dan Parkes' Titanic Switch Page.
  15. Art Braunschweiger's fantastic Titanic model.
  16. Bob Read's Titanic CAD plans and research Page.
  17. On Facebook, the best resources are Titanic Passengers and Crew, Encyclopedia Titanica, Titanic Enthusiasts and The White Star Liners: Olympic, Titanic and Britannic.
  18. The site of David Dyer (of "The Middle Watch" fame) and his excellent demolition of the arguments of the Lordites including Senan Molony.

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