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Busta House Hotel

The ghost is said to be that of Barbara Pitcairn, a maid (or a guest in some versions) who gave owner Thomas Gifford a male heir after his four sons by Elizabeth Mitchell drowned in a boating accident. Pitcairn's and Gifford's son, Gideon, was adopted but even though she claimed to have marriage papers Barbara was ostracised by Thomas and his wife and practically exiled from the house, and died at a very young age. A grey haired phantom is supposed to be Elizabeth Mitchell. There have also been other reported phenomena, such as footsteps and electrical interference.

Update: 7/1/2020: I contacted Busta House enquiring about any recent phenomena and co-owner Grant O'Neil replied that a fleeting white figure had been seen by the chef but there was no-one there upon investigation. There were no doors in the area so there was no means of exit. A number of years ago, a girl working in the restaurant saw "Barbara" seated at a table; the room had been vacant moments before. The figure stood up, looked up at the waitress and walked into the wall. Needless to say, the waitress screamed and fled. Grant also informed me of footsteps outside his bedroom when he was on his own. He was not brave enough to investigate! Also, in response to a comment to the other co-owner about refurbishment possibly "Annoying Barbara", the following week, a glut of phenomena occurred including fuses popping, power cuts, leaks and other things. Grant went into the bar and apologised to Barbara, and the next day all was well in the hotel! One of the original rooms in the house, LINGA, has some stories attached to it, including guests waking up in the night feeling a weight at the end of the bed, and then a slight pressure on their feet and lower legs; when they open their eyes, they see a peaceful-looking lady sat there, looking at them.

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