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Fyvie Castle

A "Green Lady", said to be Lillias Drummond who died in 1601 is said to walk here. One story is that she died of a broken heart as she could only produce female children and her husband, Alexander Seton, Lord Fyvie wanted a male heir. Other alternate tales exist that she died either by starvation or by poisoning. Soon after she died, her husband married again and on their wedding night, they were plagued by sighing coming from the window, and the next morning, they found carved in the window sill the name, facing inwards, of the former Mrs Drummond. The spectre of Lillias is believed to be a bad harbinger for the resident family. Her spectre is described as being either fully formed, or as a fuzzy patch of green light, heralded by the scent of roses. Temperature drops have also been experienced. One man reported being shaken out of bed and another said a gust of wind blew his and his guest's covers off the bed. A "Grey (or White) Lady" is also said to haunt this castle, possibly a girl who was starved to death, one report saying she glided across a guest's bedroom. A drummer or trumpeter is also reputed to be found here, heralding the death of one of the family by playing his instrument. The ghost of Lady Meldrum is also said to return in spirit form; her remains were found in a secret room and buried in a churchyard, but this has not stopped her ghost.

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