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Lochside Hostel

Two brothers sought the affection of the same girl, Annie Fraser; Malcolm caught his brother Alasdair with her and he killed them both, hiding Annie's body under the floorboards of the building, now a hostel, before drowning as he crossed the loch in his bid to escape. Annie's phantom has been seen at the hostel and in the countryside nearby, and footsteps have been heard in the room where her remains were discovered.

Update 3/2/2020: Hayden, the manager has been living at the hostel for 3 years and he informs me that the only time that he experienced something odd was when he and his previous girlfriend heard a "Glaswegian style male voice" from the ceiling where the old fireplace used to be. This happened twice on two occasions when the hostel was closed for the winter, there being no-one else in the building. Previous managers had "many encounters" of images, lights and shapes, and Hayden told me of two accounts a year apart from guests with claimed psychic ability who are said to have picked up the presence of three men "with distinct beards" in the main building area.

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