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A phantom dog, who was killed in a house fire in 1955, is said to haunt the building.

Update: 27/7/20: Lynne Lino of Candacraig informs me that, "Fortunately for us there have been no sightings for over 25 years at least. We are not sure if the historical ghostly figure on the back stairs ever existed ... There is a local book I believe called 'Donside' that tells the story of the ghost that haunted the back stairs of the house. Over the years they added a headless dog to that story. So I think the story has started to increase as the years go by. We have owned it 6 years and our manager has worked here 25 years and none of us has seen anything. In fact we purposely take our dog sometimes on that stair to sniff out things and he has never been scared or anything." In further correspondence, Lynne provided me with a photo of the relevant pages from the book 'The Land o' Lonach' which states, without proof, that "The ghostly spectre of a dog is said to be seen ascending a tower stair after dark." No other ghost stories are mentioned.

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