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Four Mile Inn

Footsteps and noises such as the sound of dragging from unoccupied areas have been heard, prompting staff to recheck the room time and again. A small child has been seen out of the corner of the eye and a figure dressed as a coachman walked through a wall.

Update 1/2/22: I spoke to the manager Wendy on the telephone and she informs me of regular occurrences at the pub; she says that you'd often be in the building by yourself and hear footsteps upstairs but there would never be anyone there. She has sometimes felt that there is someone behind her in the office and once felt a hand on her shoulder. There is a chemical cupboard in the building and it generates an unpleasant feeling of "something not nice" being there when people pass it. A staff member once tried to enter it and found the door blocked as if someone was holding it shut from the other side. In addition to this, TV sets are said to come on by themselves; and a little girl has been heard humming a tune in the room where the beer kegs are stored. Wendy also reports seeing in the decking corridor, via CTV, a figure of a man with an old style hat and holding his hands together. Only Wendy has seen him, though, but she says that he resembles a figure in one of the 100 year old pictures of the building.

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