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Perth Theatre

A "Grey Lady" is said to walk here. Other events include seats being slammed down and then being released, and on one occasion, the sound of a disused cage-lift being used.

Update: 3/3/20 Erin Grant, the Front of House Manager tells me of some of the anecdotal ghost stories passed down through the years: a barmaid in the Gods Bar hung herself one evening, and she now haunts the building, walking across the front of the Gods seats, "pausing to watch the action on stage." From the stage, actors and crew have sometimes seen a figure walking in this area, or standing watching them; they have found out that this area has been vacant and locked up. The ghost is claimed to have been caught on camera in October 2017 as renovation work concluded. The scent of cigar smoke has been detected in the area of the Stalls Box Critics, blamed on two male theatre critics. A lady in a red period dress dress has been seen stalking angrily along the Circle Left Box towards the foyer, it is said that, "A few of ]the] older customers refuse to be seated in this area, and in the old theatre layout would not use the ladies toilet facilities located nearby for fear of running into the lady in red." Other phenomena include; an actor who saw someone standing behind the stage manager reading the script over their shoulder - only to be told there was no-one there; footsteps heard behind the iron curtain in the early 2000s in a building that was empty and locked at the time; and a customer who saw two actors in period dress standing at the rear of the stage - but none were present.

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