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Drover's Inn

Sensations of sleeping next to a cold body have been mentioned in room 6, reputedly where the body of a girl who drowned was laid out; "numerous tiny white points of light" have also been seen dancing around this room - these have also been seen in room 115, too. It was in this room that a couple awoke to find that, despite their room being locked from the inside, their camera had been moved during the night. When examined, they found a series of "bizarre photographs" been taken, including one of them asleep in their bed and with a light hovering above them. In room 2, the ghosts of a man, woman and child were seen standing at the end of the bed after the guests awoke, with the child waving at the couple; the family are said to have been removed from their home in 1791 and headed south to find a new life when they encountered a snowstorm. They tried to reach the Drovers Inn but got lost and froze to death. In the hallways, a cattle drover has been observed and an old man is seen sitting in a chair is in the bar. The ashes of the man, "Old George" are kept in an urn in the inn. A guest also contacted the inn after she had left inquiring who the little girl in the pink dress was - she had been noted in a photograph taken on the stairs but there were no children staying at the inn that night! Yet another phantom is that of "Angus", who has been heard screaming in pain. He was a cattle farmer who stopped at the inn on the way to a market. However, a rival clan had stolen his herd when he awoke the next morning but when Angus tried to explain the situation to his chieftain, he killed the cattleman's family and sweetheart and banished him. Seeking revenge, Angus went back to the Drovers and encountered the thieves, and murdered him.

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