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Minard Castle

The castle is said to be haunted, but details are lacking sadly.

Update 11/8/20 Reinold Gayre of the Castle informs me, "I don't really think Minard Castle is haunted! Various groups have come here in the past looking for such events, but I'm not convinced. Some of their "evidence" seems to consist of "orbs" in photos. These are not unusual in photos due to lighting problems. The other day dozens of bats suddenly emerged from a shed roof at four in the afternoon. Possibly they didn't like a tractor being started in the shed. I didn't even know there had been any there. Yesterday in the same shed a ride-on mower engine started by itself! I am about to try to locate the electrical fault! The enthusiasts would no doubt declare the shed to be haunted, but I'm sure there are other less exotic explanations!"

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