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The White Hart Inn

The focus of the haunting seems to be the cellar; indeed, a "shadowy" apparition has been seen behind the bar before making its way to the cellar, where another spectre has also been reported. A door slamming, casks being moved by themselves, gas cylinders being detached, alcohol taps being switched off, and loud banging have been experienced in this area. There is also a mention of crockery falling from the shelves.

Update 4/10/20: Vanessa at the White Hart informs me, " I can confirm you that there is still something going on here, we like to think it's our ghost, but we are obviously not experts. Changes on the temperature, especially downstairs, from very hot to very cold. Door fridges opening, three at the same time, you close them and when you look again, they are open. Voices. Sometimes you feel like you are not alone. Basically, that kind of things."

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