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Edinburgh Festival Theatre

A black figure has been seen since the theatre was renovated; at the entrance to the auditorium on the top floor has reputedly also been seen a sad, young woman who acted in a "warm-up" capacity. Her appearance is marked by a coldness and the odour of perfume. A spectral man who favours one particular seat and conversed with a current staff member, a ghostly usher and the sound of people fighting on the back stairs have also been mentioned. An illusionist named as The Great Lafayette (aka Sigmund Neuberger) is said to haunt the theatre; in his last performance, in which he swapped places with a lion on stage, a lamp fell and set fire to the stage and 11 people died including Lafayette himself. The roar of the lion has also been heard too, it is said. A "small limping figure" has been seen on the walkways above the stage and some have heard a wooden leg scraping on the floor - in bygone times, sailors were employed because of their knowledge of knots and raising and lowering sails. A little girl in a bright yellow dress is reputed to blow air on the back of people's necks or play with their hair in the Upper Circle.

Update: 18/3/20 The staff were very helpful, pointing me to a page on their website where some of the information above originated. However, they also say that, "these stories are not recent they happened a considerable time ago."

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