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Provan Hall

Reston Mathers, in a white suit and black bowler hat, is said to haunt Blochairn House, which is opposite Provan Hall across the courtyard. In the hall, a man "in ancient clothes" and another phantom, having a white beard, have also been observed but it is not clear if they are one and the same person or whether they are Mr. Mathers himself. A "White Lady", believed to be a ghost of a laird's wife has also been seen and is said to have been murdered in one of the 1st floor rooms along with her son. She has apparently been seen at the gate, calling for her child. Unexplained noises such as furniture being dragged and footsteps, and the feeling that people have been touched by icy hands have also been experienced here. The courtyard here has been the source of footsteps and by people being tapped on the shoulder by an unseen hand.

Update 6/2/22: Fiona McKinnon, Operations Officer for the Hall responded to my Facebook query about any recent phenomena, noting that the hall has been closed for the last two years for renovations: "There was a caretaker before the building closed, and he did tell many stories about the ghosts, but he retired and I don't have any contact details. The contractors have told me that they haven't seen or felt anything out of the ordinary. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful."

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