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Borthwick Castle

The phantom of Mary, Queen of Scots has been seen here; in the 16th century, she had to escape dressed as a pageboy when her enemies cornered her and it is wearing such garb that she has been seen here. A vision of the murder of a local girl named Ann Grant in the Red Room has been reported. She fell pregnant by one of the lords and was cut open with a sword and left to die in the room. It is in this room that footsteps have been heard and nearby, the sounds of crying and a fire escape door opening by an invisible presence. The third ghost is said to be that of a man who was burnt to death after he was found guilty stealing money from the Borthwick family.

Update 17/1/20: Following an email quert from myself, Jamie Neil at the Castle informed me that "Unfortunately, we no longer take part in any form of paranormal investigations therefore I’m unable to assist you further." He ignored my question as to whether anything had been reported recently.

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