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Bamburgh Castle

There are a number of spectres associated with this restored castle. The first is a knight in armour, seen and heard in the keep area. The next ghost is the "Pink Lady," who walks the battlements and nearby sand dunes. According to legend, she is a princess who fell in love with a man who was soon after sent overseas by her father who did not approve of their relationship. The princess patiently waited for his return but after years, the father created a story that her lover had met another woman and would not be returning. In despair, she threw herself from the tower to the rocks. One version of this story says that her father tried to cheer her up with a pink dress, which she wore when she killed herself.
An Elizabethan Naval gunner has been observed in the Armstrong Museum, and a piano has ben heard playing by itself. Children have been heard running around, and lights turned on and off. The next ghost is "Green Jane," a young lady who is seen to stumble and fall near the green inside the castle, and cries out, falling down a flight of stairs - but those who rush to her aid find nothing but are met with laughter. She is said to be a beggar who arrived at the castle seeking food but the guards made fun of her and in the fracas, she fell down the stairs, killing her baby too. A tall figure in a black cloak has been observed and in the nearby sand dunes, many black shadows have been reported.

Update 3/8/20: tour guide and researcher Carol Griffiths replied to my email, saying "There used to be a saying that everyone who worked at the Castle had had some sort of ghostly "experience". I know that some of my colleagues have felt this, although I myself have not. I have not heard of any authentic sightings in recent years, although some colleagues talk of having felt a touch on their shoulder in the past; old newspaper reports talk of sightings of famous figures from our history, and I have heard an account some decades ago, of hearing the beat of horses hooves cantering up the main hill up to the Castle-Vale Typping-and fading up to the top of the hill-but no actual horses..... I am sorry to disappoint you, but although somewhere as ancient as Bamburgh with a violent past must hold many secrets, I do not think we can lay claim to any proven or recent ghostly encounters"

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