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Brodick Castle

A "Grey Lady" is said to haunt the castle; in one version of her tale, supposedly she died of starvation in the dungeons in the 18th century because she and two others had the plague. Another variant is that she killed herself after one of the members of the Roundhead army made her pregnant.In this version, she drowned herself at the Wine Port Quay, by the entrance to the castle. Another ghost is that of a man in a green velvet coat who is seen in the library. A white stag has also been seen when a member of the family is close to dying.

Update 12/5/22: I spoke to Sue Mills, Guiding and Education Supervisor and who had been at the castle for 25 years. She informed me of some of the recent experiences by her and her team, all which have been on a single person basis. She said that the "Collection Care" team, whose duty is to go into the collections room and hoover and dust in the morning, have heard their names called out. This has happened 3 or 4 times, the last time (by another Sue) about two weeks before I spoke to Sue Mills. On all these occasions, the team member who was called was on their own, their colleagues being elsewhere. The Sue who heard her named called was also in the library at one point and heard "clunky" footsteps, and a young guide at the doorway going into the dining room also heard heavy footsteps, too. Angela, a conservation assistant, was in the Red Corridor and saw one lantern swinging by itself on the ceiling, without cause; it is also this area that gets "icy cold." She was also on the landing to the bedroom suite hoovering, when the device stopped, and when she checked, it had been turned off on the plug socket. Also while in the library, she often detected the smell of horses/stables. I was also told that the lady who works in the shop and used to be tour guide, would hear footsteps in the boudoir if she was in the nearby main bedroom. There are two doors to the castle; the Historical Door leads to the gun battery and then a corridor, and a pet golden retriever and curator's cats would not enter the area. A tour guide, John, has also seen an orb - but not the bogus ones captured by photographic equipment alone; this was was seen by the naked eye, in the dining room. It was described as "white" and "shooting around."
Sue Mills also told me of her personal experiences: she had been in the 2nd floor office, with the alarm to the rest of the building activated. She heard footsteps outside the door and opened it, but no-one was there. The lift wasn't used by ... whoever... as it has audible voice announcements as it reached each floor; the only other way in was via a firedoor, which was very noisy. She heard neither of these. Also while in the office, she would hear movement in the room next to her, which was used to store historical items in tissue paper (it was also in this room that Angela would hear footsteps when she was directly below). Additionally, when this floor was taken up as a residency by a previous property manager, a female relative of his would awaken to find a man leaning over her, and a lady friend was pushed over. In another tale, Sue was on the boudoir landing when out of the corner of the eye, she saw a black shadow ("an indistinct shape") go into another room; she turned to look and saw the tail end of it. Angela had also seen the black shadow, this time going into the boudoir. At another point, Sue had gone for a lie down due to a migraine and as she relaxed, she felt a sensation as if the floor was shifting.
I was also told that the "Grey Lady" has been seen twice, but not since the family left (1957). On one occasion, a butler saw her leaning over a workman who was sweeping up.

Further Update 17/5/22: Sue emailed me to say, "I had not asked the guide in the room at that time if she had experienced anything as I knew that she was fairly sceptical about all things supernatural. However, she said that about a month ago, she was on the periphery of the boudoir landing looking at a painting and also saw the black shape move over the landing - as did our other guide. So that is a lot of people who have seen it now (5 that I know of) Joyce, whom I spoke to on the day you phoned described the movement as being like the swishing of a gown across the landing."

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