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The Schooner Hotel

The management of this hotel claim that there are 60 spectres in this one building! A large black figure charging out of room 20 and trying to break through a fire door, "William" (who murdered his family 200 years ago) in rooms 4, 7, 28, 29 and 30 and the corridors, an airman outside rooms 15-19, an old lady with a walking stick, dark shadows, and a young boy and girl seen and heard laughing in the bar area (where she died after banging her head on the hearth) are some of the phantoms here. Naturally, there are many conflicting stories; for instance, rooms 28, 29 and 30 are reported to be the epicentre of acitivy - the first of these was where the French DeVere family planned to stay but they were murdered by a gypsy and their bodies dumped at sea. Screams have been attributed to a lady named Eleanor who killed herself and her unborn child after she was told her husband Jack had been lost at sea. The ghost of Parson John is said to be seen in September. He was killed when he was brewing ale and the tap on the cask blew off and hit him on the head, killing him instantly; his phantom is said to walk, holding the tap aloft. There are obviously many tales associated with this building!

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