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Hermitage Castle

The ghost of William Soulis, a reputed warlock who slaughtered children in the 13th and 14th century, is said to haunt the castle. He was said to be indestructible and was executed by being wrapped in lead and then boiled in a cauldron until he had melted away after locals appealed to the King to do something about him - which was granted. The cries of his young victims are also allegedly heard. Sir Alexander Ramsay, who was imprisoned in the dungeon at the castle, is also said to be a resident spirit. The final spectre is said to be none other than Mary, Queen of Scots, who briefly stayed at the castle. In addition, there are stories of spectral figures "flitting about the upper storeys" at night. A court jester (or sorceror), known as Robin Redcap is also said to haunt the castle, as are ghosts in blood stained armour and a lady peering down from an upper storey window - in a room that has no floor!

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