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Bonamargy Friary

Sister Julia McQuillan, known as "The Black Nun" is said to haunt this site. In life, she made various predictions, some of which have come true. Julia once reluctantly let her ill sister into the building when the weather was bad; she had led a "sinful" life but even so, Julie was not willing to spend a night in the same building as her sibling. However, something made her turn back and she saw a light coming from the room in which her sister lay. Julia ran into the building and saw a light hovering over her sister's face, who was begging for forgiveness. As the light faded, the woman passed away. From that time on, Julia became more tolerant of others. Julia's phantom is reported running across the entrance to the old location of the stairs, the route she took when she saw the light that "took" her sister. Julia is also said to have been murdered on these stairs. A nun with pale skin and dark eyes, probably Julia, has been seen at a window. Another local legend is that if you walk around her grave seven times anti-clockwise and then place your hand through a hole in the cross that marks her grave, her phantom can be summoned.

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