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Buffalo Community Centre

The sound of chairs being moved, doors slamming and footsteps in the centre have been heard by those living in the top floor flat when the building had been vacated. An old man in a black coat has been seen standing by the emergency exit, while another figure has been observed in the hallway.

Update 1/9/20: Eileen Cartie, a worker at the hall, told me, "once in the stables I had a group of young people in there I was telling them about the time I was doing the Dawson sticks because I didn't believe they worked and they did work, then about the coin that was on the table and it just flew across it we caught that on camera. Just the fire extinguisher fell off the wall it didn't just fall it actually flew across the room in my direction it was unreal. Also the centre was my grandmas favourite dinking haunt when he worked at the ship yard opposite and every now and then I can smell his [sic] cig at pretty smoke woodbine your can't get them now. It fit so bad I got a spiritualist in to try and get rid of it and they smelt it as well around my desk. Some visitors have said they seen a child running around I haven't seen that. Once in the stables someone saw lots of orbs. Nothing has happened for a while because I got it blessed but when we do building work especially plumbing you can feel the change in the building I don't what it is but it's feels different"

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