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Lee Hall

The Churchyard of St Cuthbert's at Bellingham has a peculiar tombstone; a long pack, big enough to conceal a man. Many years ago, a pedlar was allowed to leave his pack in the house after he had been refused permission to stay overnight at Lee Hall. The pack contained a man who would sound a horn in the dead of night to summon his compatriots who would then ransack the house. The plan was thwarted when the pack started to move and a frightened stable hand fired into the pack, killing the occupant. The servants in the house used the horn to attract the attention of the would-be miscreants and then fired at them, killing many of the vagabonds in the process. The body in the pack was given a burial in an appropriately shaped tombstone - and it is said that sometimes he and the pedlar can be seen in the lane leading up to Lee Hall.

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