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Blenkinsopp Castle

Lady Blenship was brought back to this country after one of the Crusades; Bryan Blenship had sought treasure during his escapades but returned empty handed - apart from having acquired the wealthy heiress with a large dowry, that is. But she kept a close eye on the fortune, and soon after they returned, the couple started to quarrel. The two disappeared from the area - but not before Lady Blenship had hidden her fortune. The Castle was left unoccupied and started to deteriorate, and eventually was taken over by an agricultural worker and his wife and child who lived in an area of the buildings. The young boy complained of seeing a white lady at night, who told him that she had much treasure and wanted to show the child where it could be found. The boy was moved into the parent's room to sleep and the ghost never appeared to him again - but she has been seen fairly recently, prompting one witness to "run like hell"! In a different version of this tale, Lady Blenship's refusal to tell her husband the location of her treasure drove him away - and her mind snapped, blaming herself for his departure. Search parties went out to look for him, without success, and when she tried to locate him herself, she never returned.

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