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The Jolly Sailor Pub

The manageress reported the sound of a fridge door opening and when she looked, a man's hand was holding it open, the figure being obscured by the door. The man had no legs and when the door closed, the figure was nowhere to be seen. Poltergeist-like activity has also been noted: keys have been mentioned as going missing only to turn up a short time later in their original location. Beer taps turned on by themselves, a cabinet fell off a wall and a lampshade fell on the publican, injuring his head. A burst water pipe was also blamed on the phantom(s) too. Later on, when the landlady went to fetch a bottle of Southern Comfort from the bar (which was closed at the time), it obligingly jumped from the shelf into her arms. A cleaning lady washed some glasses that had been left over from the previous night's revelries and put them upside down on a drip tray. As she left the room she heard the sound of breaking glasses coming from the room, but she could find nothing awry - and the recently cleaned glasses were now the right way up and on the basin and the draining board! A "Green Lady" has also been observed on the upper levels. She is said to have had a relationship with a coach driver but when he abandoned her to marry a wealthy lady, she locked herself in her room to die from starvation. A former landlord is also said to have been seen upstairs, and a figure was also observed to walk past a door and along a downstairs corridor. There are many other tales too, including a "Grey Lady" (she may be the phantom nurse named "Rachael"?), who is said to died here of "unnatural causes"!

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