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Hylton Castle

The "Cauld Lad" was stable boy Robert Skelton who was murdered in the 16th or 17th century but the culprit is still debated; although the phantom and associated poltergeist-like antics were laid years ago, strange phenomena are still reported in the unsafe building such as laughter and loud bangs. Some say that the figure of a crying boy has been seen in the castle, but it is not known how recent these reports are.

Update: 24/8/20 The Hylton Castle Marketing and Promotions Team replied to my email telling me that of men working on the restoration of the castle are "unwilling to be first in or last out of the Castle due to massively loud, completely inexplicable bangs whenever any one of them were left alone and which they concluded was the Cauld Lad having fun trying to scare them when in the Castle on their own ... The same gentlemen also tell stories of the site being secured at night but then finding that things had been moved and messed up during the night when security could prove that no intruders has been anywhere near the Castle. By the end of the build they would only open or close the site in groups of 4 people. There was also the warm, sunny and bright, summer early morning when there wasn’t a breath of wind and four of these guys opened up the upper office in the portacabin in the Castle forecourt to find that one of the swivel chairs in the far corner of the office was turning round and round just like a child was playing in it. The guys went back out onto the stairs landing and watched and waited some minutes until eventually the chair suddenly stopped turning."

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