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Beamish Hall

The "Grey Lady" of Bridget Bellasyse walks the hall. She was betrothed to marry the owner of the hall in the late 18th century, Bobby Shafto. He yearned to travel but agreed that when he returned from one excursion they would wed. However, when he returned Bobby found love with another woman and Bridget was heartbroken and tried to visit him in the hall. A servant saw her and she hid in a casket which locked after her, her cries being muffled. Her body was found decades later. Her ghost has been seen looking out of the bridal suite and walking along the lower reaches of the hall. Footsteps have also been heard in the Shafto Hall, a man in Victorian clothes (some say this is Shafto himself) also gazes out of a window and a lady in a pink hat and Elizabethan garb is in the Eden Bar. A ghostly lady named Charlotte is reported in the reception area; additionally a grey lady, dark shadows moving through walls, dogs barking, running footsteps, door slamming and strange lighting effects in the attic room (along with spectral children perhaps?) have also all been experienced.

Update: 3/3/20: Amy Tocu, staff member at the Hotel, informs me that, "The last incident was in our Eden breakfast room. A member of the team heard cutlery dropping on the floor, used camera to try and capture what they thought was a little girl in the room."

Link: Chronicle Live

Link: Chronicle Live

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