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Galgorm Castle

"Stomping" footsteps and a phantom walking with one boot have been reported here. It is said that the spectre is Dr. Alexander Colville, who lived here in the 17th century. Local people were said to have become suspicious as to how he came into sufficient money to buy the castle and legend has it that the devil had agreed give Colville enough gold to fit into one large boot. After 21 years, he would die and the devil would take his soul. However, Colville had made a hole in the bottom of a boot such that any gold poured in would secretly fall into another room. The devil, not knowing about this scam, soon found that his supply of loot was exhausted and he sent his demons to scour the earth to find sufficient treasure to fill the boot to the top. Eventually, Colville had enough money to build a luxurious castle. When the devil came to claim his soul, Colville asked that he be allowed to read a bible until a candle went out and then he would be ready. The devil agreed, but then the Doctor put the candle into the book and snapped it shut and the devil could not open it to verify that the flame was extinguished. Upon his death, Colville said that the bible should be sealed in a box in his coffin - and centuries later, a box containing a bible and a candle were found, it is said.

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