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Crook Hall

The "White Lady" haunts this hall, and has been seen to walk down the wooden staircase in the old portion of the building (the stairs themselves comes to an "abrupt stop"). On one occasion, the rustle of her dress was heard, and a crash was heard which was the lavishly arranged banquetting table bing overturned. She may be Mary Hawgood, the niece of Cuthbert Billingham, whose family owned the hall in the middle ages and who cut off the water supply to Durham residents following a row. The best date to see her is apparently December 20th. A second ghost is that of a soldier who was murdered by being bricked up alive. The current owners were once perturbed to hear a dragging sound outside their bedroom and then footsteps continued going upstairs - on a staircase that no longer existed. The footsteps continued in the attic above which was inaccessible and whose floorboards had been removed.

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