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The Cosmopolitan Hotel

Bright lights have been seen "darting around in the darkness", doors have slammed and temperature drops reported. During renovations in the 1970s, work in the cellar was abandoned when tools were constantly moved, strange lights and the ghosts of a nun and a monk seen and moaning and voices heard too. The nun has also been seen in later years (for instance, in the kitchen area) and in addition, children have seen Michael, a phantom child, in the lounge. In September 2020, a member of the bar staff was locking up when she heard someone dragging tables inside the pub. A search yielded nothing, apart from a picture on the floor that had gone missing a while back. The picture was of Archie, who before he died, had the job of cleaning the pub's beer lines. A dark figure had been seen in the corner of the bar where he used to drink.

Update 5/12/21: The hotel responded to my Facebook query; "We’ve been in here 20yrs we’ve had assorts of film crews and investigators in they talk about orbs and other stuff. Guests and regulars have been spooked. The last thing was about a year ago the mother in law woke and thought our granddaughter was pulling her cover off the bed, she wasn’t here! Later it happened again and she thought she saw a little boy. The only thing I saw was in broad daylight when a glass moved straight down a table then turned right and dropped off, there was about 7 people drinking at the time!"

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