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Dacre's Norman Church was built on the site of a Saxon Monastery. In 926 AD three kings (Constantine of Scotland and English monarchs Athelstan and Owain) signed a treaty to bring peace to the area. It is reported that, from time to time, the three kings have been seen in the vicinity of the church. They have also been seen at Dacre Castle, which has its own specific ghost story: in the 15th Century, the twenty year old heir of Lord Dacre, Sir Guy, fell in love with the daughter of a visiting French nobleman. However the girl, Eloise, did not immediately reciprocate his feelings but ultimately seemed to change her mind after he had returned from fighting in Scotland whereupon the two were married. Soon afterwards, Guy again returned to Scotland leaving his tutor, Count Montalet des Roches in charge. A loyal friend of Guy suspected that des Roches and Eloise were having an affair and his suspicions were soon confirmed. Eloise was imprisoned in a small cell, where she saw the figure of her lover slumped in the corner. As she bent to kiss him, his head rolled off on to the floor. Although she was fed, Eloise was left to fester in the cell with the body of des Roches and eventually her mind succumbed. Only when she died were both their remains removed and burnt. The spectres of this couple are said to still be seen in the environs of Dacre. However, some versions claim that only the three kings are the resident spectres here.

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