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Lowther Castle

Sir James Lowther inhabited the family Hall in 18th and 19th century; his ghost is still said to walk the grounds of the Castle even after an exorcism was attempted (though some sources say the exorcism was indeed successful at a rock called the Walla Crag), and his phantom coach pulled by six horses is still talked about. Lowther had become infatuated with, and married a London girl and when she died he was so overcome with grief that he refused to have her buried even after the body started to decay. When he returned to Lowther Hall, his character had changed abominably and death must have been a relief to this troubled man. When he was being buried, his spectre shoved a priest so hard that he nearly toppled over. Lowther's spirit caused pranks at the hall causing it to become "nearly uninhabitable."

Update 8/8/20: Debbie, a worker at the Castle, "I have made enquiries of the long serving staff members at Lowther Castle and selected members of the Lowther family and they have no knowledge of recent reports of 'odd' phenomena incidents at Lowther."

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