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Raby Castle

Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmoreland, once owned Raby and tried to organise a revolution against the Queen. His plan failed and he fled, dying in exile in Holland before returning to his beloved castle every night as a phantom. In the library, can sometimes be seen the spectre of Henry Vane the Younger. His head lies on the desk in front of him, reciting some speech. He was beheaded for his actions against those in power and his doom came when a trumped up charge of treason was levelled against him. The spectre of Old Hell Cat can be seen on the battlements, knitting with white hot needles. In life she was so opposed to her son's free will (including one son who wanted to marry a girl) that she stripped the castle and its grounds of anything valuable to deprive them of their inheritence. But one of their children took them to court to restore the castle to its original condition, which they did at considerable expense. She can be seen from time to time, seething in fury. Meanwhile, in the fields and woods surrounding the castle, the ghosts of Mary Ann Cotton's children are sometimes reported. Mary murdered many people, including her husband and lover and twelve of her children and was executed in 1873.

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