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Friar's Bush Graveyard

It is said to many ghosts wander this graveyard, and is said to be one of the most haunted places in Northern Ireland. One witness saw a figure hiding behind a gravestone - it was said that "looking at this shadow was like looking into a void." Another witness, lured into the grounds by the sound of a baby crying saw a shape at his feet which he described as creamy-like jelly, with an "ill defined circle atop a longer oval-ish mass." A hole opened up at the top, which was light-grey with streaks of red running through it, and was issuing the baby's cry. It is also reported that, "Queens University's David Keir building is across from the graveyard and features an underground tunnel that connects to the Ashby Building. There have been reports of people who use the tunnel feeling hands touching them and eerily cold spots."

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