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Acklam Hall

The ghost of Edward Thornhill is said to linger on the avenue leading to the hall, his ghost calling out for "Rose" - a servant with whom he was in love. However, Polly, the cook's daughter, who had a mutual hatred for Rose, saw them and the servant girl was sent away when Edward was unaware. When he returned and found his love had been exiled, his health rapidly declined. His mental health suffered and he was often seen on the avenue seeking Rose. He contracted pneumonia and died soon afterward. A Grey Lady, said to be Charlotte, the wife of William Hustler who lived here in the 17th century. She is said to have died in childbirth, and is said to appear most often on the back staircase, and looking out of the windows to the outside world. A white shape has also been seen on the stairs and a Ouija board moved of its own accord during a ghost hunt. A man walking his dogs near the pond in the grounds saw a black fog that seemed to coalesce into a human form but then disappeared; his dogs were barking at the fog but stopped when it vanished.

Update 3/12/21: Replying to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena, staff at the hall replied, "No nothing to report."

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