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The Bridge End Spectre

James Howson and his sister Elizabeth lived at the flour mill in the early 19th century. Elizabeth became infatuated with a worker, John Atkinson but James did not approve of the relationship, especially when he heard of John's drinking and flirtations with local women. Elizabeth refused to believe these stories but as time elapsed, their relationship cooled and John started seeing another girl who agreed to be his wife, and indeed, an impromptu ceremony soon took place. When Elizabeth found out, her heart was broken and her health deteriorated. She accused her brother of driving John into seeking the attentions of other ladies and she took her own life. In those days suicide was considered a crime that would warrant a Christian burial and so he disposed of her body in a disused well. A month later, James was awoken by a wailing outisde his bedroom window and when he looked, he saw a white figure by the river which beckoned him to follow. With horror, he saw that it was his sister and she led him to her makeshift tomb. She showed herself to him and others many times. It is said that his mind snapped and his dead body was found draped over the well that held his sister's corpse. It is claimed that Elizabeth is still seen sometimes and that on occasion, the figure of a man accompanies her, quarreling with the wraith by his side.

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