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Bowes Museum

The museum was to be the abode of John Bowes and his wife Josephine. However, Josephine died in 1874 before the building was started and John spent the remainder of his life struggling against debt. When he died, he was placed next to his wife and he had already stipulated that they would eventually be re-interred in the chapel at the Museum. But the stones of the chapel were pulled down and used for the Roman Catholic Church of St.Mary, next to the park grounds, where they were reburied. Apparently this was not satisfactory for the two phantoms and they are reportedly seen drifting through the Park and museum itself at night.

Update 28/8/20: The Bowes Museum Reception team replied to me saying, "Many thanks for your enquiry, there has been no inexplicable phenomena that any of us are aware of, especially in recent years. This could perhaps be because we are a purpose built museum not a house, and that there was nothing on the land before the museum was built."

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