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Kirkstone Pass Inn

The ghost of a child is said to haunt this inn, and is believed to be responsible for poltergeist-like activity; sometimes he has been seen looking through a window. He is believed to be Neville, the son of a coachman who was killed when he was run down by a carriage. A phantom coachman has also been observed outside the building and nearby, a "Grey Lady" is supposed to walk, in the vicinity of a tree where she was hanged after killing her child. Another phantom here is Ruth Ray, who lived in the area in the 18th century. She had heard that her father was ill and, although there was snow on the ground, the skies were clear so she set off across the pass with her newborn baby. She was soon cut off by a mist and blizzard that descended on the area. Her husband set off to find Ruth and found her dead body the next door; however, Ruth's last act was to wrap up her baby who survived the icy conditions. She died not far from the inn, and a woman cradling a baby has been seen looking through the window especially when the weather is snowy. A baby's crying and the shape of a dark window have been seen in and near the inn, which also boasts phantom footsteps and an unnerving effect on dogs.

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