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Levens Hall

A "Grey Lady" is said to haunt the driveway and has been known to step out in front of vehicles causing them to swerve, although one cyclist went right through her! According to legend, she is a pregnant gypsy woman who put a curse on the hall in the 18th century when she was turned away from the hall when she was starving. It seems that after 200 years her "curse" was broken. She is sometimes seen with a small black dog (although it is also reported playing on its own), and has also been reported on the nearby A6. A small dog has also been seen, especially on the staircase, described as woolly, like an unclipped poodle with bright eyes. It followed a former owner around and even played with her living hounds. A "pink lady" has also been seen, dressed like a 18th century maid but vanishes abruptly, and a black shape seen in a corridor. Three apparitions (a man with a stick and a woman with a child) were seen at the bottom of a bed during the night, and a young girl and flashing lights seen in the gardens.

Update 10/5/22: Jane Meaker, the Visitor Manager/Personal Assistant informs me that, "Having spoken to the owner I can confirm that there have been no unusual activities in the last few years."

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