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Grand Theatre

The smiling ghost seen here is said to be Sarah Siddons, who starred in Macbeth here in 1795. The ghost of a young girl in a purple veil has been seen, although it is not known if she has been observed recently. Another (?) ghost is a lady in period costume; she is seen in the auditorium and on the stage, and was once described as fading "like an old photograph". On one occasion, she was walking on a level between stage and auditorium - the floor levels have changed over the years.

Update 7/2/22: The Theatre responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "I haven't personally experienced anything (so far!) apart from saying hello to what I thought was the cleaner passing as I came through a doorway to find no-one there ... some staff have had "experiences" but I don't think we keep any dated records for these."

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