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Bolton Priory

An Augustinian Canon has been seen here - or possibly two, as a similar figure in a black robe and occasionally a flat black hat has been observed here on many occasions. He is nicknamed "the Black Canon" and his footsteps are also to be heard too. King George V was one witness and he described the monk as being about 60 years old with a rounded, lined and stubbly face. Unusually, the monk does not appear to everyone in a group and then only at a distance, walking amongst the ruins, and even run over by a truck reversing into the rector's driveway! Two religious figures were seen on one point, vanishing into a wall. The choir area in the Priory church has also played host to ghostly figures and singing and organ music have been heard when the building is locked up. Lavender has also been detected too. Apparently, "sunny days in July" are the favoured time to encounter these manifestations.

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