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The Windmill

A spectral ostler haunts this pub but is rarely seen. A man's boots have been heard thudding the staircase - but the sounds are of wooden floorboards and not the carpetted steps of today. An ice cold mist 3 feet across and 6 feet high has also been experienced on the upper corridor. Another phantom, not seen for many years, is of a little girl outside the main entrance; she is said to have run over and killed by a horse and cart in the 19th century.

Link: The York Press

Update 21/9/20: The pub responded to my query for any recent events; " yes, i can update you, we had one of the chefs state he had seen a black figure of a girl in one of the store rooms upstairs in the building, he said that he 1st saw it in passing and when looked back it had gone, then a few nights later it happened again. it freaked him out. one on the seasoned staff has mentioned about a ghost of a little girl that had apparently died back in the day in a stable on this site before the renovations had turned it into what it is today."

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