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Bolling Hall Museum

A "severed head" in the "ghost room" bed which is seen for a few seconds, medieval phantoms, and a 1960s woman have been reported. Additionally, the spectre of Caroline Wood (perhaps she is the "lady dressed in white who floats around the hall in mid-air"?), who lived here in the 18th and 19th century is to be seen here. There are also stories of the sensation of being pushed by invisible hands, the sound of a baby crying and a crib rocking by itself and the smell of pipe smoke in the main hall. In summary, there are many tales attached to this building!

Update: 20/2/20: Replying to my Facebook query, Heather Millard, one of the community curators at the Bradford Museums tells me, "We still regularly facilitate 'ghost hunts' etc at Bolling Hall, and we do occasionally hear from visitors who feel they've experienced something uncanny ... Obviously, the famous 'Ghost Story' associated with the site is that of the one who wailed 'Pity poor Bradford' when the Duke of Newcastle stayed there during the Civil War ... Some have claimed seeing a 'pink lady' on the staircase, (although there is actually a portrait located on said stairs, so whether it's just a bit of 'mind playing tricks', I'm not sure." "

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