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Towneley Hall

Sir John Towneley haunts this hall and grounds. In life he ran villagers out of their homes so that he could acquire their land for his own use. One legend says that he was exorcised and a deal was made whereby he would never reappear while a green leaf grew in a gully nearby. The ghost agreed - whereupon the gully, Copy Clough, was planted with holly trees. Yet another version says that in punishment for his wayward nature, he walks for eternity. The "White Lady" has been seen in the Long Gallery and looking out of the windows, and also amongst the trees, heading towards a small stone bridge where she vanishes; some report that she also wanders along the battlements above the entrance, too. Marching boots on the drive have also been heard, but no figures seen. Whispering, cold spots, footsteps inside the hall and a meandering light seen behind the windows have also been experienced here.

Update 12/3/22: The hall responded to my Facebook query for any recent phenomena: "On a paranormal level nothing every really happens to be honest"

Link: Lancashire Telegraph

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