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Shibden Hall

A "Grey Lady", a coach driven by a headless coachman, a cat that walks through a wall and a girl who drowned in a pond nearby have been sighted here. A "nebulous" black shape like a cloak has also been seen, and the odour of pipe smoke smelt in the cellar; the smell of lavender, people being slapped on the back of the head and the sound of voices, footsteps, creaks and groans have also been detected. The ghost of Ann Walker has also been seen; she was a lesbian and has mental health problems, ending up in an asylum.

Update 2/9/20: Christopher Southwell, a volunteer and visitor services coordinator informs me, "There are always odd phenomena and ghost stories around Shibden Hall." He later elaborated, "The hall has two areas of smells. One of the bedrooms has a smell of urine and lavender on a morning and the other is by the porch which smells of pipe tobacco. These do tend to be weather dependent so are most likely a phenomenon of halls wood panelling. The hall also has a long tradition of ghost stories even back to Anne Listers days , nearly everyone who has worked here has seen something even if its out of the corner of the eye. There is even a story told by the front of house staff about when the house is altered, things have a habit of throwing themselves of walls or bookshelves."

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