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Hall i' th' Wood

There are a multitude of ghosts associated with this building. These include: the spectre of a little old lady who has been seen in the kitchen, and a "sad" young girl, observed in the attic rooms. A phantom has been reported running up the stairs and footsteps heard; some describe him as a Cavalier while other say that it is the phantom of a member of the Bronwlow family who built the house in Tudor times. The figure was once described as running so fast that only the ankles and feet were glimpsed. He is said to have been seen around Christmastime. Coincidentally, legs and feet only have also been seen hanging over the bed in the Brownlow Bedroom, where a female phantom has been noted by the window and lavender smelt. Numerous other phenomena and apparitions have been experienced in the hall, too including the sound of music and a "Striding Man" in a black suit and tall collar in the Withdrawing room and other areas.

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