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Croxteth Hall

Disembodied voices, strange shadows and coldess have been experienced in the Sefton Passage in the hall, and near the Gothic porch, a soldier dressed in a blue 1914 uniform encountered; in fact, one witness recounts seeing a whole line of soldiers in red aiming their guns at the hall, but they soon vanished into the mist. A child in ragged clothing is also sometimes seen near the main staircase and dining room, and his bare feet heard too; he may be the "young boy" who was once seen standing by the fireplace in the dining room. Other phenomena, including the sight of a hooded woman in a mirror, a "hideous figure" seen in the basement and later on the staircase, the smell of baking bread and pipe smoke, coldness and shadows in other areas and a dog that was unnerved by something invisible have also been reported here. In addition, it is said that the Sixth Earl of Sefton has been sighted in his former bedroom and also observed walking through the tea room.

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