The Black Swan

Steve Jones, an attendee at the "Weird Weekend 2022" convention relates the following; "...this is what I was told by the maanger of The Black Swan about his experiences there over the last couple of years: Martin told me that apart from the usual glasses slipping off shelves with no reason etc, he had 3 events that shocked him.The first was when he was alone sleeping in the Elmhurst Room in the annex during lockdown. Something pounded on the door around 3 AM. He got up and realised he was the only one there. Nothing outside and nothing on CCTV when he checked either. Second was after they locked up the restaurant for the night. He was outside talking to 2 staff when they all saw a black shape go past the lit till in the room and blot it out,thinking they had left someone in they went back but nobody there. Last was as he locked up the bar one night something blew in his ear!That really scared him."

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