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Old Queen's Head

There is a ghost in the ladies toilets on the ground floor; one unfortunate woman saw someone try to open her cubicle and heard the toilet roll dispenser next door being used, but no one was there upon investigation. An ex-landlady used to find her uniform missing but when it was returned, it was freshly cleaned; a pet dog reacted aggressively to something no-one could see, and was later thrown (or tried to escape) through the French doors leaving her bloodied; a civil war soldier holding large flagons of ale has been sighted in the large hall; an old man is in the snug; a medieval child named Pierre pulls on ladies (particuarly blondes); a lady in a white 1920s dress watches proceedings from upstairs; and many other unexplained phenomena have occurred here.

Update 18/2/20: When I enquired as to any recent sightings at this pub, I was mysteriously told by a representative, "I am not asking, and no one is saying anything"!

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