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Mr Straw's House

The previous owner of the house, the titular Mr Straw, has been seen here, where he walks around noisily. He is more often heard than seen.

Update 10/5/22: Danielle Lander-Brown, the Collections and House Officer replied to my email querying any recent activity: "We have been included in books in the past regarding the sound of footsteps on the stairs of 7 Blyth Grove and I believe the first Custodian of the house reportedly heard noises. However I have worked at the property at times over the last 16 years and have been working closely at property over the last 7 of those. I spend time alone in the house at varying times of the day and days of the week and have never personally experienced anything." When I asked if anyone else had encountered anything untoward, she later confirmed that, "I have never had anyone report anything to me."

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