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Bryn Goleu

The sound of phantom hooves and the chinking of a harness have been heard in the road just outside this mansion; some people have even seen the apparition - a lady with long dark hair and wearing old-fashioned clothes, both she and the horse being surrounded by a white glow. She is said to make a deep growling noise, and has empty sockets where her eyes used to be. She is known as Ladi Wen, or "The Lady in White" and is said to be a former resident of nearby Plas Llanfihangel. She was the daughter of the owners of the house and was despised by many people because of her temper. She became associated with a group of "sea robbers" and pirates and was apprehended with contraband of lace and jewels. She struggled as she was taken off her horse and was taken to the dungeon below the cellars of Bryn Goleu for temporary incarceration. It is here that she died - one legend says that she died as she wrestled with her captors, another says that she was murdered by one of the men. Meanwhile, within the house, there are mentions of frequent disembodied footsteps.

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