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Blue Lion Inn

The ghost of John Humphreys is said to haunt this building; in the mid 17th century he disappeared from his father's homestead (which is now the inn) and his body was found in a grave that had been tampered with in the churchyard. He had been murdered and the crime has never been solved. A "Blue Lady" has also been seen, described as elderly and appearing in various locations around the pub. She once lay down beside a boy lying in bed, complaining that she felt tired! A story dating back some time related how a former owner used to find the cages of his pets opened during the night; when he left sand all around the cages to detect the footprints of the pranksters, he was surprised to find only the pawprints of the animals. More recently, CCTV footage showed a lamp moving of its own accord along the bar before falling to the floor.

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