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The White Hart Hotel

There are many ghosts associated with this building! The inn was a notorious meeting place of ruffians and scoundrels in the past, and one of them returns to the inn as a spectre. A legend is that it is the ghost of a highwayman who had a torch thrust in his face after a robbery was thwarted by the coachman; another version is that the incident happened in the pub itself when soldiers arrived to break up the motley gathering. The ghost is reported to wear a cloak to hide his disfigured face. Another ghost is that of a maid who was murdered by a rat catcher when she rejected his advances; her spirit is said to cower in the corner with a terrified look on her face. Additionally, a former owner of the inn, wearing a cravate and smoking jacket returns to the apartments that overlook Bailgate, where the White Hart is located. However, other accounts say he is a man who was robbed during a stay and the shock killed him. Yet another ghost is that of a man in a military outfit, who is seen on the top floor. The young son of one of the owners has mentioned seeing a lady in a long dress who had tucked him into bed at night on occasion. Ghostly children have been heard parading noisily through the corridors, too. A 17th century cleric roams the underground passages; and outside the hotel, people have heard the sounds of soldiers, possibly Roman, marching or stagecoaches (which have sometimes been seen). Finally, one account reports a phantom cat! In decades gone by, guests have told tales of a dancing ball of light, cutlery and food being thrown off a table, and the sound of a small "explosion."

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